3-5-7 is a  15 line game turn based game about turning marks red, the person to turn the last mark red loses. You can play the fully functioning game at https://threefiveseven.herokuapp.com/.

The rules to the game are simple:

  • You may turn as many marks as you want red, but they have to be in the same row.
  • You must turn at least one mark red each turn.
  • You may not turn marks back green.
  • Your turn ends when you are done making marks red.
  • You win the game when your opponent turns the last mark red.

  • Note that the multiplayer feature does not work when you play it from itch.io. You will have to play the game hosted on my website at https://hparcells.netlify.com/games/3-5-7/ or setup your own game. (see below)

    Also note that playing the game on small mobile devices will not work as scrolling is broken due to the nature of how I have the game setup. Larger mobile device screens such as tablets may work, but can not scroll.

    Setting Up a Multiplayer Server

    This game supports local multiplayer on the same device, LAN multiplayer which has to be setup. A guide can be found at https://hparcells.netlify.com/documentation/3-5-7/site/server/lan/. This game can also be publicly hosted, where anyone can join. A guide to set this up can be found at https://hparcells.netlify.com/documentation/3-5-7/site/server/public/.

    Hosting Your Own 3-5-7 Game

    This will be written for users on a Windows machine for users not wanting to use the already hosted version, and instead want to host their own. Playing Local Multiplayer on the Same Machine Download the 3-5-7.zip file, and simply open the index.html in the root directory.

    Playing Multiplayer on a LAN Network or a Public Server

    Download the 3-5-7.zip file, along with installing NodeJS. Open a command prompt at the root directory of the game and type npm install http-server. Again inside the root directory of the game after http-server is done installing, type http-server. Go to one of your browsers and type each of the IPs listed until one works. For other people to play on your network, let them use an IP that isn't 

    For information setting up a server for people to connect to on your local network, visit https://hparcells.netlify.com/documentation/3-5-7/site/server/lan/, and for a guide on how to make that server public, visit https://hparcells.netlify.com/documentation/3-5-7/site/server/public/.


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